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by the 7:00 hour. there is very dense fog and highway 4, between antioch and pittsburg has a handle on it. >> we have abc7 traffic app with very thick fog between antioch and pittsburg and westbound highway four could be sluggish but that is typical leaving antioch headed toward concord. this app is free to navigate your commute downloaded from apple app or google play. and eastbound dumbarton bridge, the road work will be picked up at 6:00 a.m. today with in significant slowing. yesterday we had dense fog advisory but it is reported clear. road work northbound 101 near san francisco airport to south san francisco down to two lanes road work until 7:00 this morning. the bay bridge toll plaza is very light conditions and fog-free here with no metering lights and it is a smooth ride into san francisco on the upper deck. >> thank you. an abc news exclusive what former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is demanding on the 2nd anniversary of the tucson shooting rampage. >> driver tries to pull away from an east bay restaurant. what happened next sent four people to the hospital. >> but
and for some not too bad on the coast. some areas are in the 50s like antioch and fairfield, redwood city 65 and livermore, some nice but not too warm. a little cooler on wednesday but it looks breezy for sunday and monday. >>> it has been two years since the tucson arizona shooting ram paint and the big announcement comes today. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is planning to do something in just a few hours and we will have more on that. >>> and there is more under the don't ask don't tell law. >>> and the big blowout in the bcs championship game, why some fans are using the word dines city. -- dine nasty. dine fast -- dine nasty. six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink po
in antioch and 44 in san jose. the big problem this morning is pockets of dense fog. less than a quarter mile in fairfield and novato and this is just moving around and shifting to the southeast locations as we move through the morning. morning fog. temperatures urgely in the 40's. warmer by lunch into the 60's. partly cloudy overnight tonight. it will be warmer for your tuesday today and then we start to cool it down with a chance of a few sprinkles north on wednesday and cold showers on thursday. >> right now we have light traffic conditions out there with no major problem advisory. the toll plaza at the bay bridge you can see it fog free and light traffic. no problems as you head to the upper deck into san francisco. san mateo bridge we have bunching up on the flat section moving to the high-rise but it is smooth sailing between hayward and foster city. you will find repaving northbound and southbound through mill valley on 101, a rolling closure. that is until 5:30 this morning. eastbound dumbarton until 6:00 you will find road work. that will be picked up at 6:00. northbound 101 on the p
. it was still cool inland, antioch, concord, livermore, still in the mid-to-upper 40s. managed 55 in santa rosa, 52, san francisco. san jose, 50, and gilroy today, 50 as well. here's a look at the current readings, in the 40s. 43, napa, as well as fairfield. antioch right now, 45. 50 in oakland and san francisco, and 51 right now in san jose. >>> folks, here's a look at the forecast. colder temperatures overnight. clouds will move out of here. we'll look for the development of patchy dense fog in the valley areas by tomorrow morning. dry weather will be with us the next few days and then things will start to cool back down as we look for a big chill at the end of the work week. here's a look at our lows tonight. with clouds peeling back, it will mean some cooler temperatures for us. so up 30ers in the north bay as well as antioch, livermore, 36 degrees. watch out for pockets of dense valley fog in the north bay. out towards the delta, east bay locations. 46 for san francisco, and san jose tomorrow morning, 43 degrees. our low, there it went. clearing from north bay to south bay today. of course
into some serious legal trouble. live in sunny vale, allie rasmus. >>> police in antioch are adding extra patrol after a child say as man tried to lure him into his car. the fifth grader was walking near sutter elementary to meet his brother. a man driving a light blue car approached him and said a family member had sent him to meet the boy at school. >>> also in antioch, police have confirmed another incident at near by antioch high school. they say a student there was a victim of groping and an attempted kidnapping. antioch police say they do not think the two incidents are related. >>> investigators say they want to talk to 24-year-old vicente duarte. reynaldo ledesma is under arrest. police say they believe the shooting was the result of a long-standing feud between the victim and the two suspects. >>> a judge today is sentenced a teenager who killed their parents in the oakland home to 25 years to life in prison. authorities say 16-year-old moses cayman strangled his parents last january. then tried to burn their bodies. moses was 15 at the time. before the sentencing, moses told t
is at or below freezing inland but antioch at 36 and redwood city at 32 so frost is possible with scattered frost around mountain view and san jose and reporting stations at 33. the warm spot is 39. san francisco and half moon bay are at 42 and 41. 20's and 30's at 7:00, under sunny start, and hazy sunshine, low-to-mid 50's, and look at that, kids can play out in the afternoon and not worry about being too cold and mid-to-upper 50's and low to upper 40's by 7:00. low 60's tomorrow. low-to-mid 60's friday. saturday, temperatures are above average for the three days. >> we have light conditions on the bay bridge. you can see this very light traffic moving to treasure island. here is the western portion of the span. we have traffic moving at the limit into san francisco, no delays behind the toll plaza, everything and slowing smoothly, and into san francisco we have nice conditions for you in san jose and northbound 87, the julian off-ramp and road work eastbound 4, the left lane is blocked until 6:00 this morning, the reverse commute and the westbound drive looks good from antioch, less than ten mi
, and check out santa rosa, 63. interior east bay, antioch and livermore, 61 with hazy sun for san jose. >> an accident at san pablo with overitemmed debris and we have the app do show you what is going on and you can see near rollingwood drive, you can see it looks like toward richmond parkway which is the good alternate route, to san pablo, very slow traffic, westbound 80 involving an overturn. that is the most serious thing we have going on this morning. and further to the west, 80 westbound, it is lighter because everyone is budge -- bunched up, and as you make your way to the bay bridge, no delays and mass transit is showing no delays and it is a "spare the air" day. >> the san francisco man accused of doubting his girlfriend on gasoline and setting her on fire is behind bars. amy joins us live with how police took the man into custody. amy? >> kristen, the relatives of the victim can focus their attention on her and her recovery here at st. francis. before he was caught the victim's relatives told me they were feeling very anxious about dexter oliver being on the run trying to hel
. >> los altos, petaluma, antioch and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning at 5:15. we have a live look at both sides of the bay and the bay bridge has a light twinkling but there is fog forming, and some of it is dense. and mike nicco says some temperatures will reach the freezing mark around that area you will find some black ice. he will check out the forecast coming up. >> today, bart officials will discuss implementing a new law allowing them to ban certain people from using the transit system. they will work on a timeline to roll out ab716 signed by the governor in october banning anyone in the system for a year if they have been convicted of a crime on bart property. bart denies this is connected to protests over the shooting death of oakland man by bart police. some demonstrators were cited for civil disobedience which is covered under the new legislation. >> a san francisco parklet is under criticism from a supervisor because of the way it looks. park lets are small man made places where people can it is in neighborhoods where there are no parks. most ta
. if they see something, best to simply walk away. reporting live in antioch noelle walker. >>> police have arrested a middle school student who allegedly bullied two other students in morgan hill. two 13-year-olds at britain middle school reported a bully assaulted them. school resource officers told the student to stay away but he threatened two students outside of school. the boy will have a juvenile court hearing with his parents. >>> the big game is just nine days away. and san francisco city leaders are considering tough measures toecap -- the message going to san francisco bars this morning. paul. >> reporter: good morning, brian. that was just a few months ago civic center hall was packed with giants fans who win the world series. that will not happen with the super bowl because the nfl does not allow public viewing parties. that will not stop a lot of niner fans from having celebrations of their own. this was a scene of chopper 2 after people took to the streets. mayor ed lee is asking that places serving hard liquor be a little more responsible. >> to suggest that they serve somet
and caltrain is on schedule. the drive times are slow from antioch and the freeway to the macarthur maze and 680 on the way to 101 is still at 3 minutes, and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, a bit of a backup past the caltran parking lot. >> apple shares start at the lowest level if a year closing down more than $18 yesterday at $501. that is down 4 percent. remember, it was at $700 a few months ago. the decline came the same day news surfaced that demand for iphone five is slow down and the cupertino company is cutting down for orders for parts. coming up live at 6:45 we will go to the new york stock exchange and jane king to see how the shares are doing this morning. >> football fans listen, upgrade your tv in time for the super bowl. consumer reports ranked the newest big screens ahead of the big game. >> coming up first, paging dr. google, the survey on how much we use the internet >> santa clear, san francisco, east bay, all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, we look at the upper level pattern and you can see the omega block with wins coming in and turning left an
. still cold for this time of year. inland, fairfield, antioch, 49. we had 50-degree weather from san rafael down towards san francisco and san jose, with clear sky. right now, down do 46 in san francisco. north bay, novato, 41. compare that to oakland's 51. 42 in antioch. 41 livermore, and 41 in san jose. here is a look at our forecast. we do have freeze warnings overnight. we'll touch on those in a moment. cold spell continues through sunday and then dry, warmer conditions, milder temperatures, return as we head into the first part of next week. just a recap. dark purple, the freeze warning in effect until 8:00 a.m. sunday. north bay, east bay, interior valley areas, santa clara valley. and the lighter purple, the frost advisory until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. bay shoreline there. lows anywhere from the low to mid-30s. in fact here's a look at my forecasted low. we may amend these a little bit at 11:00. but suffice to say, mid-to-upper 20s for the north bay and east bay. santa rosa, 27. 38 overnight in san francisco. 33. the freezing mark in oakland, and 31 overnight in san jose. >> today
right now in san francisco. 45, novato. 46, napa. 45, antioch, 45, san jose. folks, here's a look at the forecast. the freeze warnings in place for parts of the bay area. cold spell will continue for our sunday and then, guess what, we'll start to warm things up as we head into monday, tuesday, wednesday. north bay, east bay, interior valleys, where your freeze warnings in place until 8 tomorrow morning. mid-20s to low 30s, could cause freeze damage to crops and sensitive vegetation, and the frost advisory where the light purple is, bay shoreline expecting overnight temperatures low to mid-30s. here's the lows for tonight. north bay. mid-20s. napa, santa rosa, 27. east bay, antioch, 27. tomorrow morning. concord, 28. 26, livermore. check out oakland, 33 tomorrow morning. 38, san francisco, half moon bay, 34, 31, san jose. a few little high clouds there. the rest of us clear today, and those high clouds coming from agent system just to the north of us, right here, dipping south. this will push towards the east. tomorrow this high pressure is going to reenforce itself and allow anot
around concord and freezing in livermore and fair field. antioch is 39 and novato is 43 and mid-to-upper 30's through the bay shore and the coast and 42 in oakland and 49 in san francisco. headed through today it is still going to be cold again this morning as we just saw and that will hold through 7:00 and the mid-to-upper 50's for lunch time temperatures and we will be in the low 60's with hazy sunshine in another "spare the air" day. toward 7:00, quiet evening with mid-to-upper 40's. saturday, sunday, mid-and possibly a few upper 60's and a few high clouds for monday and low-to-mid 60's. temperatures will still be rather chilly overnight this weekend. and now the traffic update. >> good morning, everyone. happy friday. getting up and out early it is light traffic wise with no problemsant bay bridge and the toll plaza for friday morning, and to the san mateo bridge, a few brake lights moving toward the high-rise but a very nice commute between hayward eastbound and westbound. if you are traveling from 2305 and tracy over the altamont pass you have a nice ride this morning. eve
locations, concord and antioch, brentwood today mid to upper 40s. you will be a little warmer for your monday afternoon. right now we have 38 degrees already in napa. 39 santa rosa. 49 in san francisco. it's still 50 at half moon bay. you see san jose and livermore 40 degrees. i wanted to show you the visibility, because the dense ground fog will be with us for the early commute. three-quarters of a mile in santa rosa right now and that fog is drifting by the novato area redo dues go it to quarter of a mile in some locations. concord is reporting light fog as well as the livermore valley area. these are definitely areas that will be affected by early tomorrow morning. we're going to cold temperatures overnight because of the clearing has taken place. patchy dense fog and dry and warmer the next few dies and then by mid-week, temperatures will start to drop and we will introduce a chance of showers. overnight, temperatures mid to upper 30s in the north bay. that is where the fog will be persistent in the valley areas. 40s elsewhere. 38 for antioch, 36 for livermore. this is the rainmake
facing. >> reporter: we're live in antioch where an early-morning robbery leaves a store clerk hurt. we'll tell you what the robbers were after. >>> today, governor brown plans to send a clear message about the thousands of prisoners now behind bars in california. >>> and why a foggy commute may make your drive to work a whole lot slower. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, january 8th. >>> we begin with continuing coverage of the near disaster on the san francisco bay that we first covered on ktvu channel 2 news at noon yesterday. this morning, the u.s. coast guard will meet with the pilot of the oil tanker that sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live with new details about this bar pilot's past. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. a coast guard spokesperson tells me there will be an update on this investigation coming after the team is briefed at 8:00 this morning. we do know that investigators will be sitting down later today and talking w
in antioch and the bay shore upper 30's in fremont and redwood city to san jose and los gatos and 37 and 36. 48 in san francisco and half moon bay. it will not be so cold this morning. as we head to noon we will have more high clouds but temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's at noon and low-to-mid 60's at 4:00. the afternoon will be in the low-to-mid 60's, another mild day but our last mild day with temperatures above average. you can see tomorrow the showers return and temperatures mainly around 60 degrees and thursday and friday are the upper 50's to near 60. but they will be dry. >> and reports of an accident on 238 in the northbound direction with injuries involved in the center divide. it is not blocking a lane at this point. otherwise, road work out there north 101 from 380, two left lanes are blocked until 7:00. traffic is at the limit moving northbound. northbound 101 to the south from 92 the san mateo area the left lane is blocked until 6:00 this morning. and sunnyvale southbound 101 at the lawrence expressway two right lanes are blocked until 6:00 this morning. >> 4:39. >> a huge
a careful watch around around antioch elementary school after a man tried to lure a boy in the car on thursday afternoon. amy hollyfield is live in antioch. amy, the parents have to be on edge. >> it would be very nerve wracking to hear this happened at your school. the principal is asking parents to have stranger danger talk with their kids. they will do that at school. the principal sent home a letter telling parents yesterday a man approached a little boy and told him his family had sent him to pick him up. the child told the man, i don't know you and walked away, so he had been advised by his family on how to handle the situation. the would be kidnapper is described as a white man, with gray hair and stub bell and last seen near the park in a light blue 70's type car. folks will keep a close eye out for this man and a car that looks like the 70's car. they will report anything suspicious. they will talk with kids. to have age appropriate discussions about stranger danger and have that discussion with your child at home, say it is always a good time to have that talk. >> thank y
downtown fairfield. an attempted kidnapping in antioch prompted a school to get school a lesson in stranger danger. this is after a report of a parent reporting an incident of their child outside sutter elementary school. our news reporter has that story. >> the principal says they always watch the kids at drop off but today teachers volume teared to add extra patrol and they will be talking to the kids today about not talking to strangers. >> there were a lot of eyes on the antioch kids headed into sutter elementary school after news of a man trying to abduct a 5th grader has parents and teachers on edge. >> i am scareed. i see little kids walking home and i am like... >> it is very unsettling. strange something like this could happen next to you where your kid goes to school. >> the principal said the boy walked from school to his ride which was across the park. >> a stranger was at the park, in a car, called the student over saying that he was going do pick the student up and the student said "i don't know you" and left. >> the principal notified parents this happened and encouraged pare
in the 50s, the exception, antioch, 60 today. 55 in san francisco. santa rosa, 57. 58, napa, and we managed 54 degrees in san jose. half moon bay, 54 there as well. right now we're slipping into the 40s. 49 in antioch. fairfield, 49. 51 in san francisco. clear sky, half moon bay, 48. 50 right now in san jose. we'll go with controlled temperatures overnight. a little bit of coastal cloudiness. cool and breezy monday afternoon. after that get ready for a terrific super bowl week, with dry conditions, and temperatures will begin to warm, especially as we head into thursday and friday. we have to get through a cold night tonight, temperatures in the north bay in the mid-to-low 30s. some of those protected valley areas, we have very little wind, could possibly reach the up 20ers, so check some of those tender vegetation, plants, cover some of those. 39 for antioch. 45, san francisco, 37, mid-to-upper 30s, south bay. 37 for san jose. this little impulse here continuing to rotate down, very cool air. it will be with us tomorrow and then after that, kicks off towards the east. high pressure will bu
kidnapping outside sutter elementary in antioch. good evening everybody, i am pam more. kron 4's terisa estacio shows us what is happening now - as the community works >> reporter: - one by one, to provide extra security as school let out here at sutter elementary school. in antioch, and they were not the only parents flooded the streets the stories we're following at five. a near abduction has parents and teachers on edge in the east bay. now -- a scramble to make sure children are kept safe. and the apparent hoax which put three schools on lockdown in the south bay. kron 4 is on the scene -- next. developing right now at five. an east bay school is on high alert. it comes after an attempted kidnapping outside sutter elementary in antioch. kron 4's terisa estacio shows us what is happening now - as the community works to protect its children. look here as police show up - one by one, to provide extra security as school let out here at sutter elementary school. in antioch, and they were not the only ones here in force. but parents flooded the streets and school to pick up their childre
. >> back to the weather, everyone. here we go. 56 in antioch for the coolest spot along the san mateo, and 60 in napa and santa rosa and 59 in oakland and an -- san jose. a slight chance of a shower around eureka and 39 in tahoe. low-to-mid 60's headed south and the showers will be gone by the time you get there. >> new this morning, we have brand if you video showing a pilot making a rough landing in australia. it happened this morning outside melbourne, the 21-year-old pilot tried to land a small plane that lost a wheel midair. when on the ground the plane skidded and spun out. the pilot circles the airport for four hours to burn up the extra fuel. the pilot was fine. the search continues for the missing plane carrying italian fashion executive vittorio missoni and five others, the c.e.o. of missoni fashion house known for the zigzag patterns. the plane disappeared four days ago off the venezuela veteran coast and on board with his wife, two friends and two venezuela crew members. stay with abc7 and we will have much more on the ongoing search coming up on "good morning america" at
the coast. it is 50 at half moon bay, one of the coolest spots. and in antioch, and livermore, not making it out of the 40's today of the oakland and santa rosa is 53, the warmer spots and 51 in san francisco and 52 in shows and 50 to 53 inland from the monterey bay. more 20's and 30's tonight, and calmer and colder during the overnight hours. look the at areas of high pressure, dominating our weather, and the cold one overland right now, and the we warmer over the ocean that will push to the east, and push the colder air away and bring the warmer afternoons. you can see it will be near 60 thursday inland, or around the bay and inland for friday and saturday and it looks like a mild weekend. you need to wash the car, now is the good time to do it. >> the cold temperatures like that show reports of black ice on the peninsula. san mateo county on highway 92, at half moon bay, extra caution in that area. slick roads are in place. 580 to the altamont pass is busy headed into 680 and 32 minutes. the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, under 20 minutes so that is busy this morning. 68
of three fatal collisions. >>> one neighborhood in antioch is being plagued by home break in. in fact, residents say they're afrmging one a week but they're not taking it lying down. they are taking action. >> they came in through here. they left fingerprints all over here. >> christine shows us how burglars got inside her home in antioch emptying drawers, trashing her bedroom and stealing priceless family jewelry from europe. >> it's very frustrating. you feel extremely violate sfld she and her husband added an alarm system but exactly one month later the burglars returned. >> they kicked in here. >> kicking in these french doors. >> we left at 10: there's 40. they were breaking into our house at 12:40 so what does that tell me? that tells me that somebody is watching the house. they know when we leave. >> fortunately someone else was watch, too. this surveillance video from a neighbor's home helped cash three suspects by morales says a closer look at crime stats in her neighborhood reveal add troubling trend. >> just in one month in december on our street we've had, i'd say, one bur
for this time of mourning the ride on westbound 4 it would be stopping go out of antioch. you have a little break out of pittsburg. drive times are still 20 minutes out of antioch and to concord. but thereafter the of about has been busy off and on and is starting to loosen up a little bit. that year on livermore side headed towards pleasanton. this and to loosen up on the tracy side. still a 35 minute drive time from tracy to 2 05 to highway 680 as it works it way through dublin. traffic coming into standards as those a little busy. it is starting to back up towards the end of the parking lot of raw not too bad. the approach is doing fine at the end of its 580 and east shore give yourself extra time this morning as you work your way into san francisco. san mateo bridge is definitely crowded but it is moving. i time has not changed it is still 12 minutes from hayward headed out towards foster city. traffic on the 1 01 is still my since moved into and out of severance this go by way of the golden gate. no problems in the north bay 1 01 to the violence and revell. >> a man a was killed after
and it will be a day of high clouds. it looks like that antioch temperature 41 on a 46 novato 31 and not far away and i have seen some lower 30s and officially 38 in san francisco, and these temperatures are come up a long way in the last four to six days. it is the system to the south which is warmer and i think we will start to see more of a southerly breeze and there is a lot of high clouds slowly working their way in. a little haze on the edges and especially by the coast but right now we have the component of an offshore breeze. 60 on the temperatures a lot of high clouds to the north and it looks like we will get another one. timing is iffy but i would say warmer weather will return on sunday. >>> they reverse the decision and the uproar is stopping. >>> and it is caught on tape, how three people were able to escape after the suspect opened fire. >>> the movie is coming to the big screen and it is causing a big buzz in hollywood. . >>> the move comes after pressure after the sandy hook school shooting and they are calling for a boycott for group on. >>> in all 60 cars and big risk were involved i
and interstate 580 but the rest of the bay area commute look great and it is a very light traffic. >> in antioch school officials are warning parents to keep their eyes on children. a man tried to lure a young boy and his car yesterday near sutter elementary and antioch. will tran is live and antioch. >> what happens when school starts as they will talk the children about stranger danger. after school the fifth grader was walking home and all the sudden a car what comes out to him and says i'm with your family pop and a car with me and i will take you home. the boys says i don't know who you are and take off and goes on and tells is parents about it. the parents called the school and now everyone in the community knows about it including the police the bread. here is the suspect's description he is a white male with stubble on his face. he had gray hair and when he pulled up to the little boy he was driving a light blue '70s era car. that car was last seen parked at a nearby park but they have not seen him since. school starts 90 minutes from now and i'm trying to get reaction from administrator
into antioch. now in the commute direction we are seeing brake lights, as well. also starting to get a little busy if you are commuting through the altamont pass. so far though mass transit is all on time. >>> thank you, liz. we're right here. it's 5:22. there's a long list of great 49er quarterbacks who have graced the cover of "sports illustrated" and now there is one more. the latest, who else, colin kaepernick. he is on this week's cover of "sports illustrated." take a look tatoos and all. even jim harbaugh gets second billing. steve young was on five times, joe montana 13 times. steve spurrier and john brody have also been on it and one year ago, it was alex smith right before the 9ers lost the nfc championship game to the giants. but not this year. >> hopefully there won't be a jinx because a lot of times of you get on the cover of that and you don't do well. >> let's not say the word jinx. >> not for him. he is too knew. >> here's what vegas is saying about the 14 still in the play- offs. the favorites are favored to win the super bowl at
a cause of the crash. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> new this morning a gas station clerk in antioch depends off several robbers. this happened at a shell station at lone tree way and country hills drive. the clerk says three men came in and attacked him. he says he fought them off singlehandedly although they got away with a few cases of beer. we have a crew heading to the scene and will bring you an update shortly. >>> also new this morning a federal court has dismissed a lawsuit stemming from a beating outside dodger stadium in los angeles. the plaintiff giovanni ramirez was arrested for the 2011 attack on bryan stow a silicon valley paramedic. ramirez was released and now two other men were charged. ramirez has sued the l.a. police department claiming his rights to due process were violated. >>> a man suspected of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco is now under arrest this morning. we are told 22-year-old dexter oliver will be charged with attempted murder and arson for sunday's attack in the bayview at a laundromat. police arres
of the morning and your dive from -- drive from antioch to 242, about 17-minute drive into the concorde area and we have eastbound road work on the dumbarton bridge in various lanes blocked until 6:00. >> thank you very much, sue. ellen dropped in on jimmy kimmel live last might and he offered a solution for the president's dilemma on the debt ceiling. >> obama held the final press conference of the first term in office. he talked about the debt ceil saying if congress does not work with him to raise the debt ceiling america will be in default and we my have to sell florida. >> watch jimmy kimmel live weeknights right here on abc7 at the new time following abc7 news at 11 and "nightline" is on right after that. >> lebanese -- leave disneyland and the cracked crab >> welcome back on the 4th anniversary of "miracle on the hudson." "sully" sullenberger joins katie about the incredible emergency landing. >> of all people to be piloting that lane, thank goodness it was you. i get on a plane and i think, sully? anyone named sully on this plane. >> i appreciate that and when i travel as a passenger
four westbound is slowing from antioch but picking up toward concord. east shore freeway at 20 minutes and the bay bridge toll plaza, everything is light into san francisco. golden gate bridge you have four lanes for the southbound commute and road work picked up on the northern span so it is a good drive across the span. >> three teens are in icy danger. what it took to pull them from a precarious situation. >> an actor takes on starbucks pitting the actor >> cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay wear this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 5:12. looking across the bay into san francisco, traffic is moving well with twinkling lights beautiful in the crisp and cold and possibly black ice morning. it will change quickly with mike nicco has when the rain comes back in the weekend forecast. >> a convicted sex offer fender is accused of exposing himself to a six-year-old girl in a christmas tree lot. the 67-year-old from south san francisco will be tried in april. police say he has a long rap sheet offenses against children. he was committed to a state hospital as a sex off
waiting for you outside. we are subfreezing inland but napa is close to 33 and antioch at 39. we are in the mid-30's at fremont and 32 in los gatos and mid-to-upper 40's in san francisco and half moon bay. 28 in santa rosa and half mile visibility and black ice could be building on the bridges. be careful up there. mid-50's to low 60's under sunshine but, remember, it is a "spare the air" day. sue? >> one stall on the bay bridge for 30 minutes. the upper deck is jammed. the stall is gone. but you will find yourself in sluggish traffic with metering lights turned on at 5:45, very early for the bay bridge. the backup is through the macarthur maze. the drive from antioch, very slow, typical, and you move to pittsburg it picks up. from the central valley you have a grind from 205 and over the altamont pass and then it eases up in the dublin/pleasanton. we look at the drive time, carquinez bridge to the maze is 20 minutes. the backup is bay bridge to san francisco under 20 minutes and the san mateo bridge is looking good at 13 minutes. that is typical from hayward to foster city. kris
, it is looking good toward 680 on 580, highway 4 out of antioch and the east shore freeway less than 20 minutes to the macarthur maze. kristen and eric? >> more tough talk from the chief of the n.r.a., and the message to president obama over the controversial gun control proposal. >> the not bay police department facing a historic staffing shortage. how much longer before backup arrives? but first america's money report. >> good morning. topping america's money, flying high on wall street. both the dow and the s&p 500 have hit five year highs the best since the financial crisis. they were helped by strong earnings report and signs of a deal on the debt limit but not is good for middle class workers all over the world, millions of the jobs have disappeared and millions more are likely to go. most of the jobs that are added are low-paying jobs. the city apartment of the future: microunits intended for singles and couples in as little as 250 square feet. construction will start soon in new york city on a pilot project. the super bowl chicken wings will be more expensive this year and harder to ge
, as well. >> antioch school officials warn parents after a stranger approached a child and tried to lure the child into the car yesterday afternoon. it happened near the elementary school and parents were notified. a 5th grader was approached by a man he did not know claiming he was sent by a family member to pick up the boy. the child said "i don't know you" and walked away. amy will have a live report from the elementary school in 30 minutes. >> testimony is scheduled to begin in the preliminary hearing for the san francisco couple accused of murdering their daughter's pimp. last june, the man in southern california was fatally shot in the bayview district near candlestick park. the 38-year-old muni driver and his wife, 37-year-old, face murder and other charges related to the shooting. he had allegedly pimped out the 17-year-old runaway daughter. prosecutors have said he was in san francisco trying for get the girl back. >> this afternoon a hearing is scheduled in federal court in oak as the oyster company tries to keep the oyster farm at the point reyes national seashore from closing
where we have slow traffic getting into bay point. it's been slow from antioch to pittsburg. we haven't had any major problems. yesterday, we had the problem in pittsburg, today it's just slow traffic. 680 nearby is getting busier from pleasant hill to wa nil -- walnut creek. westbound 24, moderate. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up because of an earlier problem on the bridge. the metering lights had to be slowed down. now things are back to normal. it's about a 20 to 25-minute delay. if you are driving from hayward to fremont this morning, the traffic is getting busker is from 238 to the mowry avenue exit. those two points, 23 minutes up from about 18 minutes. so it keeps getting longer and longer. if you are driving that stretch, give yourself the appropriate amount of time. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. some areas near the coast are closes to 50. others inland are in the -- are close to 50. others inland are in the 40s. also patchy fog around here. a little haze in the air but an easterly breeze means milder temperatures. i've had about five or six
gatos. temperatures are more than the seasonal average. was the upper 50s in antioch. los 60s for what a creep. concord at 59. 61 in union city. as we turn our attention to the north bay low 60s across the board here. the fda for downtown san francisco. 61 expected in berkeley. >> big changes to talk about the system will drop down from the gulf of alaska. this will start on wednesday. high pressure is in control for now that is why the sun shine will be available as we head into the afternoon. >> not a lot of moisture associated with the system on the horizon. a lot of cool air is associated with it. we could see some of the coolest afternoon highs of the season thus far. your inland lows dropping down to the upper twenties by friday. we will be dry in see sunshine it will be chilly. and frost advisory or freeze warning may be issued. saturday and sunday dealing with unsettled whether a 20 percent chance for showers. >> that is a look at your extended forecast of the timin the meantime no fog advisers would of bridges. one was issued for one of our free with will show you that in a mi
in the 40's. antioch is 42. santa rosa is 43. 46 in san francisco and 45 in san jose. low 40's in gilroy and santa cruz. we will be sunny and cool today with chilly temperatures tonight possibly through wednesday morning. then we have warmer temperatures by the end of the week, something to look forward to. what you can expect for today is just below 50's for the most part, 51 in san francisco. antioch is not making it there to 49 for a high. livermore, too, and a high of 52 in san jose. more 50's through watsonville and gilroy. tonight, again, get ready for a possible freeze warning. especially in the valleys and east bay valley. lows in santa rosa is 28. napa is 29. chilly in overnight in livermore with a loaf 26. san francisco is at 41 and 31 in san jose. we have a cool air mass moving east. it brought chilly temperatures identify the week. we will be dry all week. we will see milder temperatures toward the end of the week. we will be slightly above normal. if you have wondered how cold we have been, we are four to seven degrees cooler than normal. usually around this type of year we
and inland is below freezing but antioch at 34. cool spot is 32 in half moon bay and santa cruz and inland, gilroy is 28 degrees this morning. now, as we move forward, sunshine today. the warming trend begins. frost is likely tonight inland. that is most likely, also, the last one we will have for a while because it will be mostly sunny and warmer this weekend not only during the day but transition into the overnight hours and take away the frost. our temperatures today are 52 in antioch. 54 in concord and livermore and richmond and san francisco and san rafael and 56 in palo alto. to monterey bay mid-to-upper 50's and total sunshine, possibly a passing high cloud. the freezing temperatures are inland mostly in the mid-30's to low 40's around the bay shore to the coast to san francisco. not much different than yesterday, with two areas of pressure sitting right there so not much will change until we move the cooler air mass off to the east tomorrow when we hit 60 around the bay. we will hit 60 everywhere on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday and the warmest days being this welco
. san francisco, up, two. better than two for antioch as well as livermore. there is an indication temperatures starting to moderate a bill bit. so that snap eases tonight going to be milder for wednesday, lut first part of the week you can expect temperatures to climb back up into 60s. lows tonight frost warnings and some locations will get close to below freezing. brentwood foo 30s opposed to 30s where you were in the 20s. here is the big picture, nice ridge of high pressure. the storm track is way up here that, is where this ridge is going to keep it for the next four to five days. that parcel of cold air pushing towards east. due to cold temperatures are into the weekend. east bay temperatures begin to warm up. right on through the weekend. here is a look at highs for wednesday. in santa rosea, 57 in napa. oakland you'll climb to 59 degrees, nice mild temperatures for antioch as well as livermore tomorrow, mid to upper 50s. 59 for san jose. and we'll talk about 60s down towards santa cruz. 50 degrees there. we're into thursday and friday, temperatures will continue to rise slig
worldwide. >> los altos, antioch, pet plume and -- petaluma this is abc7 news. a small plane crashed into the he spree on -- levee not far frm the peninsula. and now live to the airport. >> the breaking news is happening right here at the airport on the peninsula. as our camera zooms in there is a plane partly in san francisco bay. that is the tail section gleaming in the sun. we can also see from sky 7, we can see the plane overshot the runway and landed nose gear in the water. it is the nose gear at the intersection of what is called the smith slew in the bay. the f.a.a. is sending an investigator to find out what happened. there were two people on board, both of those people are safe. we have been here and the ambulance came and left. they did not require treatment. so they got out okay. we have checked the records of the tail number and found the aircraft, a single engine colombia aircraft is registered to a private owner in scottsdal, arizona. now we will pull back and see more of the scene here. we have had responses from the fire and of course from other emergency agencies and
the antioch rio vista area to the livermore valley. quickly moving into san jose, the santa cruz mountains we have had reports of hail and some brief downpours and snow in the mount hamilton-mount diablo area and one lightning strike east of fremont. as you look here the cold is settling in. another freeze warning for the santa clara valley. 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. freeze damage to crops and sensitive plants. light purple and bay shoreline under a frost advisory. temperatures in the low to mid30s. i'll be back to show you exactly how low the temperatures will drop and how long the chill will president could. your weekend forecast is coming up. >>> when it gets this cold it is tough on pets, plants and people. for most it is uncomfortable, but for some it can be dangerous. alan wang is live in berkeley with a look at the consequences of the cold. alan? >> dan, it may not freeze out here tonight, but some people have a lot at stake so they are not taking any chances. >> it is good to get lower side of leaves as well. that's where most of the leave openings are on most plants is the under side. >
that keeps >> los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. at 4:43 on friday morning. this is a live picture from our rooftop camera and there is something different about the bay bridge. >> the light installations are being tested. >> it looks like etch a sketch. it is chilly. mike will have that forecast coming up. >> gore brown says california's economy is rebounding after years of multibillion dollar deficits announcing the proposed budget yesterday eliminating cuts thanks to a new wave of tax revenue, next, the nearly $98 billion budget includes $5 billion increase in spending which includes more funding for education and health care. it leaves $1 billion in a rainy day reserve fund. >> americans can adopt russian orphans for another year despite a controversial new russian ban on adoptions. the kremlin says a deal with the united states will remain valid until 2014 despite a new law. president putin signed the bill in response to a u.s. anticorruption measure, and 1,500 adoptions were threatened but the old adoption agreement remains i
. antioch is 42. santa rosa is 43. 46 in san francisco and 45 in san jose. low 40's in gilroy and santa cruz. we will be sunny and cool today with chilly temperatures tonight possibly through wednesday morning. then we have warmer temperatures by the end of the week, something to look forward to. what you can expect for today is just below 50's for the most part, 51 in san francisco. antioch is not making it there to 49 for a high. livermore, too, and a high of 52 in san jose. more 50's through watsonville and gilroy. tonight, again, get ready for a possible freeze warning. especially in the valleys and east bay valley. lows in santa rosa is 28. napa is 29. chilly in overnight in livermore with a loaf 26. san francisco is at 41 and 31 in san jose. we have a cool air mass moving east. it brought chilly temperatures identify the week. we will be dry all week. we will see milder temperatures toward the end of the week. we will be slightly above normal. if you have wondered how cold we have been, we are four to seven degrees cooler than normal. usually around this type of year we are in the uppe
, east bay, antioch, 29. 32, oakland. 36, san francisco. 28, san jose. so that bubble of cold air that has been sitting over the bay area will start to shift towards the east as high pressure starts to build in, and it will do so monday, tuesday, wednesday, with the cold air moves to the east and we actually will enjoy a warming trend, especially the end of the week as temperatures climb back up into the mid-60s. tomorrow, all be in the 50s. 53 santa rosa, 52, napa. san rafael, 52. 5, san francisco. mid-to-upper 40s for antioch, livermore. gilroy, sunshine. and santa cruz, 52. the seven-day forecast, gal gradual warming, overnight during the day, by thursday, friday, saturday, temperatures climbing back up into the mid-to-low 60s. but lots and lots of sunshine and clear sky. really looks dry for the next seven days. this is one of those rare times when the bay area's forecast coincides with what people in the other parts of the country experience during the winter. our microclimate makes this one of the few places in the world with vastly different types of weather events, microcl
for freezing temperatures inland but for antioch at 37. we are freezing in los gatos at 31. redwood city is 33. mid-to-upper 30's the rest of the bay shore and san francisco is at 43. as far as temperatures around monterey we are above freezing inland to salinas and 29 in gilroy. hazy sunshine today because it is "spare the air" and milder temperatures. we have the possibility because of the stagnant air mass to have poor air quality through saturday and into sunday and this pat enwill leave us dry through wednesday. off in the distance there is a possibility of rain. temperatures are going up today from one degree in oakland to 59 to concord jumping to 57 degrees, a seven degree jump over yesterday and a lot of mid-50's to around 60 in fremont and palo alto and santa rosa. as you head to the monday -- monterey bay we will have upper 50's. tonight, frost is possible, with let to mid-30's and mid-40's possible in san francisco. everyone makes it to 60 tomorrow. we do not let go of the 60's the rest of the forecast with the warmest weather over the weekend. have a great day. >> it is light out t
in antioch and livermore to 62 in santa rosa and reach 60 in napa and fremont and palo alto and oakland and san jose at 62. to monterey bay, mid-to-upper 60's headed inland to salinas. dry air. calm conditions. cooling to the 20's and 30's inland and mid-to-upper 30's around the bay explore and 40's around san francisco and on half moon bay. we have a sneaker wave tonight through tomorrow morning but the high surf comes in on sunday. saturday night and into sunday with swells up to 20' so that is why they are going to have maverick. the rest of us should just stay ashore and watch it. low-to-mid 60's through next week. cooler starting on wednesday. >> things moving at a good clip from hayward and industrial to the toll plaza at the san mateo bridge. everything is at the limit eastbound and westbound but westbound is the main come -- commute. san jose, 87, northbound, the head lights headed beyond hp pavilion and it is light here, as well, and clear conditions for thursday morning drive. road work out there eastbound dumbarton bridge, with various lanes blocked until 6:00 this morning wi
as antioch and 43 in mountain view. here is a look at our forecast. freeze warnings in place for tonight. cold spell will continue through sunday and after that things will start to warm up. we will have dry conditions next week. freeze warnings, dark shaded purple. interior valley area, freeze warning in place until 8:00. temperatures there mid to low 30s. then we do have in the lighter shade of purple, a frost advisory near the bayshore line. this is in place until 8:00 a.m. sunday as well with lows anywhere from the low to mid-30s. so the entire bay area is being affected by this cold snap. overnight temperatures, we may need to adjust these, right now 27 for santa rosa and napa. 26 overnight and check out fairfield into the east bay and mid to upper 20s with livermore 26. then as we get close to the peninsula and the coastguard we'll go with temperatures in the 30s. 38 is for san francisco and 33 in oakland and one shy of freezing at 31. this is with some of those clouds migrating south. it is pushing to the south of us but you can clearly see the clear skies to the north of us. that
: the first baby of the new year in the bay area was born at midnight in antioch. and another twist to the story - the boy was delivered by his great- grandmother. kron four's jeff bush has a story that spans four generations. >> reporter: maternaty ward doctors deliver thousands of babies in the course of their career but few can say they have delivered their grandchildren. but what about a half dozen grandchildren? great grandmother >> i have eight grandkids and i delivered seven of those and i have three great grandkids and i delivered all three of those. >> reporter: including her newest great grandkid. meet harley daniel sparks. he was born on the stroke of midnight at the sutter delta medical. harley's mom, kara was a bit tired from ten hours of labor but was excited and overjoyed at harley's arrival into this world. >> it's a blessing and it's really cool. i love it. the feeling, i can't explain the feeling but i already love him so much. >> reporter: harley's dad had that stunned look that all new fathers have and his words of love for his new son were pure and true. harley
night until midnight. it is going to get cold. antioch down to 28 degrees. livermore 29 in concord and 27 napa and fairfield. santa rosa 28 degrees. just julie tweets she had to use her ice scraper to get the ice off the windshield of her car. 33 degrees in santa cruz. if you look at the radar, we have a front that is coming to the bay area. high pressure remains strong, so what is going to happen is this cold front as it works its way closer to the bay area will fall apart. all we will see out of it are some high clouds. plenty of sunshine out there and filtered sun as the ridge of high pressure keeps us dry. so highs for your thursday will look like this, highs in the 50s, 57 for santa rosa. san francisco 56 degrees. you will not be as cold thanks to the moderating affects of the water. same thing for oakland. 58. 54 in antioch. 58 palo alto, san jose, half moon bay. mix of sunshine and high clouds around the monterey bay. 60 degrees degrees in santa cruz. 61 for you in monterey. here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. frosty cold tomorrow morning. but we will end
. the city of antioch is closer to banning medical marijuana dispensaries. the city council took a preliminary vote last night in favor of a permanent ban. the vote comes after antioch declared a temporary moratorium last year. a final vote is expected later this month. >> new at noon, there's something different in the cafeterias of san francisco's schools. healthy school lunches are now being thousands of students. paul chambers joins us live to let us know what makes these lunches so much better. paul? >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. i can garn type you this is not the feel -- guarantee you this is not the meally with a kid. it's fresh, and comes with a fruit and vegetables -- and vegetable. >> take a look at this, right out of the oven. >> spaghetti and milk and yogurt. >> reporter: today is the third day that the oakland-based school districter is everybodied the students. the new meals are a healthier balanced lunch for your children. >> each meal is paired with fresh fruit and vegetables. they are now serving the meals for 155,000 students in all schools in san francisc
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